10EaZy SW

10EaZy Software Only Dongle10EaZySW

For those who already own a quality measurement microphone, a calibrator and an I-O, 10EaZy software may be purchased alone via the 10EaZy SW USB dongle.

Designed to meet the need of those who have appropriate hardware and expertise in SPL monitoring and who do not require IEC / ANSI compliance, the 10 EaZy SW dongle provides the same limited feature set software as the 10 EaZy RT system but carries a disclaimer on the screen stating that values cannot be guaranteed accurate, and has a different background color to differentiate it from Class 1 and Class 2 compliant 10 EaZy systems.

Please Note: Given the variability of the hardware that can be used with the 10EaZy SW dongle, measurements cannot be guaranteed IEC / ANSI compliant by the manufacturer.  However, the filters and accuracy in the 10EaZy software is fully capable of complying with IEC60672 Class 1 or 2, so if used with a Class 1or Class 2 certified microphone and I-O, you should be able to perform measurements with Class 1 or Class 2 compliance.

We encourage you to read 10EaZy’s white paper on selecting proper hardware prior to buying the 10EaZy SW solution.

10EaZy SW ships with the limited-feature 10EaZy RT software on CD and the software licensing dongle.  Users will need to provide their own a PC running XP or Windows 7 (or better), a microphone, a calibrator and an I-O.  Once installed, the software is activated by the presence of the dongle.  Replacement dongles are NOT available.  If the dongle is lost or damaged, an entire new 10EaZy SW system must be purchased.

10EaZy software is Windows ONLY.  XP or Windows 7 operating system (or newer) recommended.

10EaZy SW System Includes:
– Limited feature 10EaZy SPL monitoring software
– Software licensing dongle

10EaZy SW Software Features:10EaZy bmp master
– Large, easy-to-read main display
– Intuitive user interface
– Multiple standard formats of SPL display
-Leq value and history display
-Extra scaleable display for additional information or public viewing output
-Webserver allows for remote viewing of any number of 10EaZy systems10EaZy RT log image
-E-mail server – receive measurement results via e-mail instantly upon closing the system
-Logfile – Key values of the measurement are stored as .jpg for easy reference