10EaZy RT

Reduced Software Feature Set, Class 2 Compliant SPL Monitoring System10EaZy_cleaned

10EaZy RT is a budget friendly Class 2 compliant version of the 10EaZy SPL Monitoring System.

It features the same tamper-free high quality hardware as the fully featured Class 2 system, but with a less expensive, reduced feature-set software.  If you do not need a running order, an event log or a minute by minute resolution logfile for post processing of measurement results, and can do with a single jpeg file listing a compilation of key measurement results, then 10EaZy RT is a cost effective solution for your SPL monitoring needs.
(For a feature comparison between 10EaZy and 10EaZy RT Software click HERE)

10EaZy RT ships ready to use out of the box – all you need to provide is a PC running XP or Windows 7 or newer. Install the software, connect the hardware and thanks to the pre-calibrated hardware you are up and running with accurate measurements in a matter of minutes.

The RT System comes with limited-feature 10EaZy software, a dedicated USB interface and a proprietary calibrated 1/2″ Class 2 measurement microphone with windscreen and clamp.

PLEASE NOTE:  10EaZy RT Systems cannot be upgraded to fully-featured 10EaZy software systems without returning the hardware for recalibration (shipping and labor costs will apply).  Please be sure that the reduced feature-set software included with 10EaZy RT will meet your needs prior to ordering.

10EaZy RT software is Windows ONLY.  XP or Windows 7 operating system (or newer) recommended.

10EaZy RT System Includes:
– Limited feature 10EaZy SPL monitoring software
– Dedicated USB interface
– Proprietary, calibrated 1/2″ Class 2 measurement microphone with stock windscreen and clamp

10EaZy RT Software Features:10EaZy RT log image
– Large, easy-to-read main display
– Intuitive user interface
– Multiple standard formats of SPL display
-Leq value and history display
-Extra scaleable display for additional information or public viewing output
-Webserver allows for remote viewing of any number of 10EaZy systems
-E-mail server – receive measurement results via e-mail instantly upon closing the system
-Logfile – Key values of the measurement are stored as .jpg for easy reference

Dedicated USB Interface Features:10EaZy_DAQ_cleaned
– IEC61672 Class 2 compliant
– Pre-Calibrated, dedicated soundcard
– No external gain setting options
– 100% tamper proof

10EaZy Class 2 Measurement Microphone Features:
– IEC61672 Class 2 compliant
– Pre-Calibrated
– Microphone capsule from Cirrus Research
– Engraved serial number
– Windscreen and 1/2 inch microphone clamp