10EaZy Products

10EaZy is available in 4 different product variations:

– A Class 1 system with fully-featured software and Class 1 compliant hardware
– A Class 2 system with fully-featured software and Class 2 compliant hardware
– A reduced feature-set software version with Class 2 hardware known as 10EaZy RT,
– A software-only dongle version called 10EaZy SW which requires users to provide their own microphone, i-o and cables and which cannot be certified Class 1 or Class 2 compliant by the manufacturer.

Each product is outlined in detail in this section of the website.  Please review carefully when deciding what is the right system for you.

All 10EaZy software is Windows ONLY. XP or Windows 7 operating system or newer.

10EaZy mobile open