Developed in 2005 by SG Audio Aps., 10EaZy has become a European standard for accurate, reliable, easy-to-use IEC/ANSI Class 1 and Class 2 compliant SPL monitoring 10EaZy_cleaned solutions for live sound.

10EaZy’s unique combination of pre-calibrated, IEC/ANSI compliant hardware paired with intuitive, feature-rich 10EaZy software provides users with a tamper-proof, closed measurement system with documented results that will stand up to even the most stringent noise regulations.

10EaZy’s measurement microphone ships pre-calibrated, eliminating the need for expensive calibrators and daily calibration.  The 10EaZy USB I-O is tamper-proof, with no external controls, ensuring calibration and measurement accuracy.  The software provides clear, unambiguous real-time values that can be displayed in a variety of standard formats and comes with a host of features such as an Leq value & history graph, a minute-by-minute log file, a run-order function to note who or what is playing when, webserver functionality allowing for remote viewing of any number of 10EaZy systems and an e-mail function to receive measurement results via e-mail immediately upon ending the measurement session.