10EaZy is a dedicated solution for SPL monitoring and logging for any environment where noise measurement and data collection is foto1required.

In the US, 10EaZy is distributed & supported exclusively through Rational Acoustics. Rational Acoustics also provides sales for Canada on a non-exclusive basis.  For sales outside of the U.S. or Canada,  please contact 10EaZy directly.

You may also want to visit the 10EaZy parent site. There you can find further information & case studies which you may find interesting in your quest for more information about the 10EaZy system.

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**News** New Shipments of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2 RT systems will no longer ship with microphone calibration certificates as part of the packaging. However, a full and professional report is generated on each microphone and kept safely at 10EaZy HQ. This information is available upon request, simply provide Rational Acoustics with your preamp serial number and we will email you the .pdf data.

**News** 10EaZy Software version 2.4.1 has been released and can be downloaded from the 10EaZy parent site here.

A much needed visual update, new icon set, and lots of new features are included in this new update; such as viewing and monitoring of multiple LEq limits – perfect for events that have both an LAeq and a LCeq limit. **News**